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Diana 2

scale 1:3 spann. 5,00 mt




Diana 2 is a scale model at a rate of 1/3 of the very popular glider.

It has been designed for GPS-triangle competition with the latest technology for aerodynamic performance and for structural stiffness and strength. With 100% molded technology.

Of course it can be used for hobby slope and thermal flying.

The performance of the model in flying conditions is very high, with a profile based in the f3b concept, you will be able to fly slow in thermals, fast in speed and at a good glide ratio for distance flying, so you will be able to be competitive in GPS-triangle. It is easy to handle in circling and very gentle for approach and landing.

It is recommended for pilots that want to entry GPS-triangle competition and don't want to spend too much money for a 7m glider.

This model shares the wings with our DNAracer GPS-triangle Sport Class glider, you just need to order the fuselage, elevator, joiners and wing tips to have two high performance gliders.

Technical Data




Wing Span

5,00 mt

Fuselage Lenght

2,33 mt


6,5 - 11,0 kg

Weight with EDF


Wing Area

103 dm


Pflug Dirk

Price List

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