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Clevis Size: 4*4*25mm

Package include:

  • Aluminium Elevator Clevis for Ø2.00*0.4 *2
  • Brass Adopter M2*0.4p Thread*2
  • Ø2.5*5.7mm Metal Pin*2
  • E-clip*2


  • Servo Arm L:6mm
  • Increase Resolution, Lower Down Sensitivity for Elevator.
  • Create More Power to Elevator Surface
  • More Easily to Install in Small Fuselage
  • Clevis Weight: 0.39g; Adopter Weight: 0.7g
  • Lightening Desgin Which is 3 times Lighter than Tanditional Clevis
  • Comparing with 10mm Arm, The Remote Control Rate Rise From 36% to 99%, Resolution will Increase 2.75 times.    
  • ***Video:
  • Easily Adjust Length
  • Anodizied Aluminium Alloy Surface on Clevis
  • Includede 1 pair in a Package

Aluminium Elevator Clevis RE - Ø2*4p Thread & Brass Adopter to Ø2.0mm Rod

Tasse inclusa
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