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Package include:

    • D2.5*96mm Carbon Fiber Push Rod*2
    • Dual Servo Horn H:5mm*2
    • Servo Frame*2
    • Ø2*10.5mm Stanless Steel Pin*4
    • E-clip*8
    • M3*6 Screw*4
    • M2.3*20 Screw*2
    • Aluminium Connector 4*4*22mm *2 (for Dual Control Horn)
    • Aluminium Connector R 3.9*3.9*24mm *2 (for LDS Servo Horn)
    • Optional Control Horn*4 piece


  • Anodizied Aluminum Alloy Surface
  • The linkage and servo arm run into each other so that the maximum servo travel can be used
  • Precisely fitting and play-free servo arm (center distance 5mm)
  • Optimal power transmittion possible
  • The Length of Carbon Push Rod can be adjusted easily. L: 45-123mm

Kingmax CLS0512W LDS Kit (Servo Horn L:5mm)

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