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  • 18-channel radio control system:
  • Full 2048-step resolution for all 18 channels
  • Genuinely redundant 2.4GHz transmission for extreme resistance to interference
  • Extreme range
  • Redundant PowerBox power supply system with Li-Ion batteries
  • Powerful real-time telemetry
  • Up to 800 telemetry values per second
  • Open servo and telemetry bus interface
  • Sensors and receivers can be set up conveniently from the transmitter
  • Ability to bind two receivers with equal rights
  • Same speed of telemetry and reception with both receivers
  • Robust stick units machined from solid aluminium
  • Quadruple ballraces
  • Hall sensors for sticks and linear controls
  • 20 transmitter controls + 2 optional stick switches
  • Full-colour capacitive touch-screen
  •  High-contrast screen, legible in sunlight
  • Ultra-simple to program, even with complex models
  •  Intuitive menu system with Smartkeys
  •  Licensed Acapella TTS module for speech output
  • Speech output without *.wav files - text input only required
  • Supports 8 languages, with many different voices
  • 6 flight modes with priority control
  • Comprehensive timer options
  • Virtual switches
  • Servo cut-off function
  • Receiver update from the transmitter by radio link
  • Perfectly balanced in the hands
  • Microfibre cloth handrests for maximum comfort in use
  • File Manager for exchanging data and backing up models
  •  Integral Linux system for every imaginable expansion
  •  Made in Germany!

PowerBox ATOM

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