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1、To measure the directions/range of rotation of servo;
2、To test the sensitivity of servo(1us per step minimum);
3、To test the rotations of servo automatically or manually;
4、To measure the pules width transmitted by transmitter;
5、To record the cycles of life test of the servo;
6、To test the accuracy of centering;
7、To measure the speed of the servo;
8、To test the ESC and discharge current of battery (≦ 40A).


1、Shiny 6 digits red LED to display the measured values;
2、Input voltage range: 9V ~ 16.8V (support 3S ~ 4S);
3、Comes with high-current BEC, and the output current can reach 10A;
4、BEC output voltage is optional, four voltage 5V, 6V, 7.4V and 8.4V can be selected;
5、The accuracy of output signal measurement can reach 1us;
6、The output signal pulse width is flexible and adjustable. There are three modes for the servo

signal output range,the first is1.0us ~ 2.0us, the second is 0.5us ~ 2.5us, the third is user-defined range

(adjustable between 0.5 ~ 2.5).These three modes can be selected by pressing the SET key when

connecting the battery.


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